The Zoetrope of Brooklyn Gentrification - Emotion of Motion Final

Expressing the Cycle of Brooklyn Gentrification I plan to tell a story making an interactive zoetrope machine.

What's a Zoetrope?

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 2.13.48 PM.png


Using levels as the trigger, the user will set the zoetrope into motion on a virtual vinyl record player in a steakpunk fashion. The vinyl will turn thus creating the motions of people being forced to leave their houses and cockroaches reigning high.


Zoetropes were initially called "Daedalum" or "The Wheel of the Devil" which poetically fits into the story of gentrification. I hope to show images such as silhouettes of people leaving homes and cockroaches moving into them. The lever you pull will look steam punkish.

The machine they sit on will be an old fashion vinyl record player which will turn set to Natti Vogel's "We all move to Brooklyn".