My Personal Avatar - Performative Avatar Class

For the first assignment, I created my self-portrait in Adobe Fuse as well as the Power Puff Girl generator. I chose the latter because I grew up loving the PowerPuff Girls and their nemesis, the rowdy rough boys. As you can see, the Adobe Fuse generator takes a much more realistic approach to Avatar creation whereas the Power Puff Girl Avatar system is much more simplistic...

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 6.05.25 PM.png
Roudy Ruff boy.gif

Despite the obvious differences in aesthetic, both systems gave me control over the body, hair, eyes, clothes, and facial hair. Neither gave me control over tattoos. While Adobe Fuse was quick and painless, I found it represented me a lot less quick than the power puff girl generator. I think the more details you have to fill in, the more time it takes to make something like this. Both Avatar simulators are missing a flexible ability to change body weight and posture. One question I have after the reading is - is it ethical to make an avatar that makes you feel cuter than an accurate depiction?