Motion Capture Class - Week 4

This week I got to put on the Motion Capture suit! We applied 3 different concepts in our work experimenting with different ways the human body can be used in digital puppeteering.

Below we have a pirate and his Smee searching for treasure with his captain.

My goal here was to focus on the way I move my body and the weight I put into my step. I tried to imagine I have a sword and drinking horn around my waist belt and thus there is weight in the way I walk.

Next, we have a snake charmer working to tame a snake.

The Goal here was to focus on my double-jointed back and focus on how smoothly I can focus on the eyes of the trainer so our movements worked somewhat in tandem. I tried to convey being mesmerized with my body.

Finally we have two men moving boxes…

This one we kept simple, focusing on the weight the box has as we transfer it from one person to the other.

Effectively I am still trying to figure out how to add two people at once to Unreal so stay tuned as I update this portion of the post.