Bodies in Motion Week 3 - Data Cleaning and mapping to an avatar

This week in Bodies in Motion we practiced Data Cleaning. With our model set-up and ready to go we recorded our motion data and then set out to fix it. Ultimately we found that any time our performer moved in such a way that it occluded one of the dots from the camera the system would get confused. Each person took 10 minutes to tediously scrub through the data to find where the system got confused.


After data cleaning, we were challenged to retarget our model onto an avatar we created on MakeHuman. When it came to bringing it into Motion Builder I seemed to have missed that it was a PC only application. Since I could not get back to the Brooklyn campus on time I tried to do the retargeting in Cinema4D per a comment that Todd made on Slack which states that retargeting can be done in Cinema4D as well.

And then this happened…

So I went back to Motion Builder and did it exactly the way that the tutorial had it and things began to work perfectly! - Yay!

The Final Result . . .