Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Fuch's Questions - Designing for Live Performance Week 3

The following are answers to Fuch’s questions regarding Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig is set in a hyper realistic world. The story finds itself in a broadway theatre.

The space is wide and larger than life.

I see everything in Hedwig's world as dramatized and grandiose.

Time jumps in this story backwards and forwards.

It only stands still when Hedwig is in thought.

The story moves at a very casual pace in contract to it's content which is very larger than life.

Time is measured by the songs Hedwig sings to express herself and key moments.

The timeline is set over one show that Hedwig is able to do in a broadway theatre after the failed Hurt Locker musical which closed at intermission the night before.

The climate in this story is noisy. Hedwig is trying to drown out the noise of her lover Tommy Gnosis outside.

The seasonal feel of the story is fall. Many of the characters are seen wearing vintage jackets.

The tone of the story is whimsical and campy. It does not take itself too seriously.

The tone of the planet is created through Hedwig's interactions with her band, "The Angry Inch".

The hidden space in this story is Tommy Gnosis' Times Square concert just outside the theatre.

The music in this world is angry and punk rock.

I see this as a public world that is meant for common people who are interested in Hedwig after a recent car accident she was in with Tommy.

A lot of the story plays with the isolation between Hedwig and Yitzhak who deal with sharing mutual pain without knowing or seeing it in one another.

Hedwig and Yitzhak are the two main characters in the story who play off each other. Though Hedwig is very verbal with her issues, Yitzhak stays relatively quiet and speaks with his actions.

The characters in this world are all exaggerated and lean toward over sexualized for the sake of humor.

They mainly dress in punk rock attire.

Characters interact through the songs the band has written.

Hedwig has exercised power for most of the story as does Tommy Gnosis though he's never seen.

It is exercised in a theatrical show format.

The language habits are carried out through theatrical monologue and word play.

The language is colorful, quirky and poetic. Silence is rare in this show which makes it stand out.

I think Yitzhak changes Hedwig's world.

In the landscape of the world the set gradually gets more minimal as Hedwig rips apart the Hurt Locker set.

The set moves from an elaborate desert to the backstage of a theatre.

The music gets more minimal and more accoustic towards the end of the show with Midnight Radio.

The show moves from suffering to rebirth when Hedwig gives up the wig for a person she finds underneath and gives it to Yitzhak.

One performance signals to you from inside the world of the story.

These additional layers comment on what we have already discovered by adding a layer of humanity to an otherwordly story.