AbelCine Welcome Home!

This weekend I went to AbelCine's Open House which was the official unveiling of their new Brooklyn Location. Having been to Abel's West Village location many times it was bitter sweet to see this beautiful new facility. Ultimately though, I was inspired and happy for them.

Inside they had every major camera manufacturer from Canon to Sony, RED to Arri and yes, even the new Alexa LF. The energy was exciting. Speakers such as the SNL Digital Short Cinematographers and Academy Award Winning Cinematographer Claudio Miranda gave presentations on the future of digital content making. I gobbled free food and played around with cameras and networked.

AbelCine has taught me a lot in the past year. I took film geek training courses such as REDucation, Zeiss lens care, Sony FS7 training as well as dozens of Color Workflow workshops they held. Honestly, I became fond of the West Village and knowing that these camera brainiacs were only a few minutes away. With that said, film is an industry of innovation and bringing things forward. The new facility is state of the art and truly a marvel to look at. Who knows, perhaps the Olsen Twins will move into their building again one day!

I truly wish you the best of luck AbelCine. Welcome home!

Ryan Alexa LF Noise Added.png